Need Simple Recipes? Try ‘Cooking Comically’

One of the best things about cooking is that almost anyone can do it; however, some people are very good at it while others are, well, aren’t so good. Sometimes, all you need is a great recipe laid-out step-by-step so even the most inept kitchen-goers can rock it. And wouldn’t it be even better if those recipes had pictures? Or what if there were comics to add some humor to the process? Well that is exactly what Cooking Comically, a website created by Tyler Capps, delivers.

On the site, Capps posts recipes that he personally creates, writing out the recipe step-by-step and using his own pictures and drawings to enhance the overall cooking experience. The posts are all very funny, and each recipe is rated on the difficulty of its preparation with comments such as,“Must be able to operate a pot.”

Capps says in the About section of his site that he “never [has] nor will ever claim to be a chef”, but his website has received a ton of great feedback from fans and critics alike. The site’s Facebook page has over 5,700 likes and his Twitter over 1,800 followers. He created a recipe that was featured on the Cooking Channel’s blog and has even done a Q&A with them.

I personally have made the Bananarama from Cooking Comically and it was fantastic. The peanut butter/banana-y treat was ridiculously simple to make (especially with the pictures and easy instructions) and was a hit with roommates and friends.

But don’t just take my word for it – head over to the site and give one of Tyler Capps’ recipes a try for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!


  1. Love it! Some excellent (and funny) recipes on that site. Time to go try one out.

  2. This site is amazing. I have used some of their recipes before. Always entertaining.

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